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Gaming Tier List

Gaming Tier List provides tier lists, guides and helpful content to gamers with truth at the core. Formally Game Truth, Gaming Tier List covers everything from SMITE to D&D.


Yurika Corporation’s creative arm, YuriCorp shares thought leadership around professional topics in an accessible and candid way.

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About Us

We’re a diverse LGBTQ+ owned business leveraging expertise and subject matter experts to produce online media that matters.

Truth in Content

All reviews, articles, guides and content is generated with the authors honest thoughts and opinions. We present reviews as a “what are our thoughts and should you use this too” and our guides as “how do you do something” and nothing else.

Ratingless Reviews

None of our properties use a scale based rating system. If you rate something between one and ten, a five should be considered an alright review as it’s effectively average in all ways. Most users don’t want a 5/10 product and reviewers often use 7/10 as bad, 8/10 as average and 9/10 as good. 

Yurika Corporation’s sites will say if it’s worth it or not and our thoughts on who may best benefit from it. No confusing numbers, ratings or metrics – just opinion.

Content that Elevates

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Meaningful Content

All Yurika Corporation web properties provide meaningful, none-AI generative content written to elevate the reader. We do not leverage AI generative textual content on our properties.

Our Community

Yurika Corporation is a Professional Community

We’re in love with what we do and we love chatting and talking with others. In addition to the multiple media properties owned by Yurika Corporation, we also maintain a thriving community via Discord.

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