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Yurika Corporation began in the late 90's as a small development team working on C and PHP applications. Throughout the 2000s we were focused on building content and community development for some of the largest brands, including Sony, Microsoft, Zenimax, Blizzard Entertainment and more. We consulted on the largest World of Warcraft addon (GearScore), the largest World of Warcraft forum (Elitist Jerks), and developed properties such as SWTORHUB and GW2HUB, both respectively the top guide sites for their games at the time. Moving into the 2020s, we are focused on our own collection of websites, consulting on community development, content management technology along with AI.

Yurika Corporation is the conglomorate of multiple seperate projects and organizations, including Dot Matrix Media, which was incorporated in 2022 to unify projects such as Gaming Tier List and Notabyte, along with our AI systems into one cohesive organization.

We're currently not accepting new clients, but we're always interested in talking content management and technology.

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Our History

Read key highlights and engagements that Yurika Corporation has been involved with.

  1. Dimensions MUD

    A small dedicated team worked on the development of a C based online MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) where users used Telnet to connect and play. A text based game, with a staff of roughly 5 and an average daily user count of 20 during its development and launch.

  2. Ragnarok Online Community Site

    Highly active web forum with over 1,000 concurrent users on the site at peak hours. The site started on phpNuke and a phpBB forum to a custom CMS built ontop of a custom forum solution. The site featured a RPG mod that let you earn 'Zeni' as you posted and then let you buy different sprites for your characters. We developed a fully custom CMS, including theme changing (dark mode, light mode, and much more) in the early 2000s. We worked directly with Gravity Co. on some of the web's earliest social media and influencer campaigns. The founding community of Gaia Online were members on this web forum (and the inspiration for the sprite based mechanics). Note the responsive web design used in 2002.

  3. RPG Shop Mod

    The RPG Shop Mod was made available as open source software, later becoming the foundation for other sites on the net to use a sprite based forum avatar system to increase engagement.

  4. Angry Businessman's Guild Wars Community

    The humerously named 'Angry Businessman's' or 'aB' was a community and guild built around Guild Wars. The community's ranking within the game (#1 for weeks), the featured spotlight and overall attention gave the team at Yurika Corporation the reconginition to later be contracted on multiple future projects.

    Guild Wars Community Spotlight

  5. Contracted with Master Games International - Ten Ton Hammer

    A decade long partnership. We were contracted to develop content, content strategy, SEO strategy and more for TTH's suites of sites, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and more. Our content was viewed by over 5 million monthly unique viewers for most of the decade and we worked with the largest brands to deliver exclusive content, from Sony, Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethseda and many more. The length of the contract shows our dedication to long-term evergreen success.

    NPR via WABE - Video Gamers in Georgia Compete in Front of Live Studio Audience (May 4th, 2015)

  6. Fantasy Dimensions

    Fantasy Dimensions was built around anime and gaming culture, providing news about everything from Code Geass to League of Legends. It was a testbed for exploring content strategy and SEO safely, without impacting our clients production work. The work of Fantasy Dimensions lives on today in Yurika Corporation's first party websites. Fantasy Dimensions is still an asset held by Yurika Corp.

  7. GearScore / PlayerScore

    We consulted on the community development around GearScore, the #1 World of Warcraft addon. We provided marketing services, content strategy and more that helped develop the success and eventually feature absortipion of the addon by Blizzard Entertainment.


    SWTORHUB was a community site for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We worked on the site design, migration to the new site, the website's database and content strategy, resulting in SWTORHUB being the leading SWTOR community site during the height of SWTOR's subscription phase.

    SWTORHUB on the Web Archive

  9. Elitist Jerks

    EJ was the number one WoW community site at the time and we were brought in to consult on SEO, content strategy, moderation strategy and marketing for the community.

  10. Spark

    Spark was a web content curation platform that used AI to render only relevant articles relating to video games. Assisted in developing the logic to determine most satisfying articles to leverage. Spark used a card style layout, pouplar in modern web design.

    Spark on the Web Archive

  11. Enterprise SharePoint Intranet Consulting

    Designed, implemented and executed change management around content strategy (across 10+ languages) for the migration to SharePoint for an international Fortune 500 company.

  12. Community AI Automation

    We released the first iteration of our online chat bot in 2016, providing basic chat moderation functionality. We added NLP (Natural Language Processing) in 2019 to generate arbitrary conversation. Over time we added sentiment analysis, word blacklisting and image filtering. In 2022 we launched integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT.

  13. Game Truth

    Launched the Game Truth website, quickly growing to over a million pageviews within months of launch. Built around content authority, candid reviews and honest guides.

  14. Gaming Tier List

    Rebranded Game Truth to Gaming Tier List to reflect the emphasis on tier lists, guides and reviews. The site has grown to over 2 million pageviews per month and continues to grow rapidly.

    Gaming Tier List

  15. Notabyte

    Notabyte is a community automation platform that brings advanced moderation along with generative text and images to chat platforms. Our community AI toolset was merged into one cohesive platform in 2023 after the acquistion by Yurika Corporation.

  16. YuriCorp Blog

    Soon to provide content around various topics relating to AI, the enterprise, web and more.

Yurika Herself

The "Yurika Moment"

Yurika Corporation is more than just a brand or an organization. It is the "Yurika Moment" where our work makes a difference for people at scale. Our mission is to "Seek the Truth, Develop the Future". Every project we work on is designed to create a moment for the end-user where their intent is fully solved in the most equitable and efficent way possible, at scale. We've worked on projects that have been household names for millions of people, and we've worked on projects that have bent the boundaries of what software can do to assist end-users. We truly aim to deliver the "Yurika Moment" for everyone.

When Yurika Corporation works on a project, we're not just working on a project. We're working on something that will help people. With that responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion are core to our values and critical to the work we do. As an LGBTQ owned business, we are committed to ensuring our products and services are accessible to everyone and that our team is diverse and inclusive. There is no space in our organization for hatred or bigotry.

Working Across the Web

Yurika Corporation has worked diligently through the decades to provide real results in the market.


Marketing is about reaching the right customers who are delighted by your product. The cornerstone of our strategy.


Knowledge sharing is critical to adoption, we bridge the gap between product and consumer.

Marketing Automation

The best marketing campaigns require analyzing large datasets to target the right customers with the right message. We are experts in building automation.


The best content requires the best monetization strategy, without compromising content.

Enterprise Design

Craft beautiful, delightful experiences for both marketing and product with real cross-company collaboration.


Orchestrate across large software stacks without any compromise in availability.

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