Passionate Content is the Best Form of SEO

How you can overcome any SEO hurdle with one simple, boring secret.

Writing content for quotas is the worst thing you can do as a site owner, content publisher or author. There’s no value in soulless content that has no means to satisfy the reader because it was written to have a goal met instead of out of passion. There’s so much web content that exists just to exist without meaning, purpose or even readers should there even be a query activity that would locate it. All of that time, effort and talent goes to waste every day as blogs across the net publish content into the voice.

That content, the soulless writing content just to write it, exists to hold back quality content and pulls down readership of any site. Every Google update seeks to locate this mundane, mediocre content and push it down the listings while more meaningful and satisfying content ranks to the top. It’s no secret that the reader has to want to read the content for the on-page advertising to even work!

Understanding the Reader

When you write for the web you have to understand that someone out there is reading it and they’re not you. They don’t have the context of your life, your experience or your point of view. They’re coming to you for your thoughts and ideas that you’ve transcribed to text (or spoken to life through video). You may know a lot about a subject, but if your intended audience doesn’t then your content can go over their heads (and they can return back to their search engine of choice).

You have to build a persona for your reader and understand who they are. Then you have to take true artistic expression to pen (or word processor) and write content that truly would satisfy that reader if they read it. Of course, we have to take into consideration viewership, so naturally you want to identify large segments of users who would be interested in the content but that content has to sincerely be of worth or value to them.

You can get a temperature check beyond just metrics by asking readers for feedback directly (through online communities on Reddit or social media) or have a commenting feature with a CTA to comment. It’s important that the reader wants the content; not just the author.

Never Worry About Search Updates with Satisfying Content

Search updates are all designed around defeating content that no one wants to read. The easiest way to defeat these updates is to, and this is a really boring answer, write really great content. There is no SEO out there that you can do to enhance bad content. There is intensely little profit to be had in web advertising from unsatisfied users who bounce. You’re not selling a product if the page loads and it’s just not exciting or passionate.

If you focus only on great content then you never will have to worry about the updates, schema, GraphQL, SEO updates, etc. The search engine still to this day promotes websites that were built in the 90s that haven’t been optimized in two decades. The latest and greatest helps a lot when you’re trying to optimize, but you can’t multiply something that there isn’t a desire to consume.

It’s not that exciting of a secret but it truly is the secret: write great content that an audience wants to read.

Skipping Researching Keywords with Passion

If you’re a true subject matter expert then keyword refinement might not be necessary. If you can write on a topic that you’re passionate about then you can usually hit every key note of what search intent would be. For instance, let’s say you’re really passionate about a SaaS application and you want to share that excitement with the world. You likely know where the pain points are in using it and have experience in navigating the intricacies of the platform.

Writing content on that SaaS application should be second nature and knowing already the content that exists (from your research driven by passion) and what doesn’t, what you had to explore yourself and what others would want to know makes you a powerhouse at writing about that specific SaaS application.

Likewise, a writer with no (or little) experience with the platform assigned to develop content as part of a calendar would likely not know any of that. They’d be approaching it from a formulaic what would the search intent be and how do I solve that. In this modern AI content world, with all of these AI content authoring suites, they’re more than likely to ask an AI based on dated content the answer and it’s not satisfying at all.

High Passion and High Subject Matter Expertise = Awesome Content

It can be frustrating to put a lot of effort into something you love only to see the statistics barely move day by day. Content isn’t a game about instant gratification. It’s about reaching out to an audience and solving their intent. It could be learning something new, fixing something, wanting to buy something from you, wanting to purchase your services, wanting to find out more about you, wanting to find out how something works or any other variety of intentions.

Those readers, if they find something helpful will ultimately stay longer on the page. That means longer ad viewing time or more likely to convert. If they dwell on the page longer, they’re more likely to absorb your brand and recognize it again in search results. Seeing your favicon and your brand again, knowing it helped them before, they’re likely to engage again.

That builds repeat visitors who send signals to the search engines that your site is authentically valuable. It also likely creates an audience that’s willing to share back authority to your site or source your site in their discussions. This again enhances every metric of your site.


Ultimately, writing content that you’re passionate about is the greatest strategy of them all. It’s what we do here at Yurika Corporation and we hope that our article on the subject has inspired you.


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Publish Date: 12/9/2023